Boating in Holland

Boating in Holland is a unique experience. When you travel to the Netherlands, certain things come to mind: tulips, windmills, wooden shoes and similar  things. Water and canals are also a way of life for Dutch citizens. Rather than visiting the famous canals in Amsterdam, how would you feel about visiting the south of the Netherlands on your boat trip in Holland? In the Burgundian city Maastricht lies Maastricht Marina, a beautiful marina with lots to do and lots to see. From there on it is easy to boat to Belgium, for instance.

Mooring at Maastricht Marina

You are more than welcome to berth at Maastricht Marina. Our marina has all sanitary facilities you might need and the city Maastricht is absolutely beautiful: you do not want to miss it! Visit one of Maastricht's many churches, castles or squares, dine near your boat in the harbor and sleep in our 24/7 guarded marina! Weekend visitors are just as welcome as visitors who wish to berth for a longer period of time.

Maastricht, the center of Europe

If you are planning a boat trip in Holland, you do not want to miss Maastricht. Maastricht is the center of Europe and from here on it is really easy to boat to for example Belgium or France. Our harbor has plenty of marina moorings and we particularly hope to invite international sailors as well! Besides all of this, our marina berths are very luxurious. Our berths are extremely large so large yachts can also moor here. Hygiene is important to us and therefore you will find excellent sanitary facilities in our marina. We hope to welcome you as one of our marina berth guests and hope that you have a pleasant stay with us!


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