Frequently  asked questions

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Do I have an internet connection at the marina ?

Yes , in the whole marina a Wi-Fi connection is available, and you have free access to the internet. At our marina office every visitor can get the access code.

Are pets allowed in the marina ?

Yes, pets are accepted, provided no nuisance is caused to other berth holders. Pets must be kept on a leash on the pier and our grounds. When walking your pet on the shore , the feces should be cleared.

In our guest accommodations (Tjalk and Boat Lodges) pets are not allowed.

Can I safely park my car at the marina?

Yes, there are plenty of parking spaces available at the marina. The entire area is enclosed and accessible only to authorized persons. In addition, the premises are always supervised.

Can I paint / remodel my boat in the marina?

No, it that is not allowed.  It would cause inconvenience to other berth holders. It  will also be sanctioned by the government, both the owner of the boat , and to the marina as a supervisor. We can advise you regarding locations where maintenance can take place .

Do I need experience before I can participate in a practical skipper training?

No, previous experience or a license is not needed. During the course you will learn all the basic maneuvers in practice and the rules on the water while sailing.

I don’t speak Dutch. Can I take the practical skipper course in other languages?

Yes, we offer the practical skipper training in English, German and Dutch


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