Maastricht Marina provides very large berths, making maneuvering easy and safe. Even for larger vessels (up to 25 meters ) there is sufficient space. The marina has modern toilets and showers available in the summer but also during the  winter months. This makes Maastricht Marina the perfect winter harbor. There is a laundry service available to all our guests. Each berth has a 16 ampere power connection and there is running water on each pier. With a free Wi-Fi internet connection throughout the marina you are always online!

Water Taxi

During the summer season (April to October), we sail with a water taxi between the marina and the center of Maastricht.

Privacy and Security

Ensuring privacy and security for our guests is a high priority in Maastricht Marina. We guarantee you can  enjoy carefree when you are present but also when you are not on your boat. The site of the marina is closed to unauthorized persons. The parking spaces are located in the closed marina area.  In addition marina staff are available 365 days a year and provide continuous monitoring.

Disposal of waste

Keep clean and hygiene is another top priority of Maastricht Marina. For the  disposal of waste  a professional closed press container is available.


Maastricht Marina now also has charging facilities for electric cars. The system works with the standard cards that can also be us ...

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